Sup-H Fit to Fight Hunger

Sup-H Fit - has your fitness goals covered. Each day has a focused muscle group with 3 total workouts to choose from. If you want to Mix-it-up, and keep your body on its toes, do so with the Sup-H Fit Mixer which provides a random selection of exercises for your muscle group of the day.

The best thing about my Fit to Fight Hunger program is the direct link to feeding hungry families across America. After 30 days - if you like the Sup-H Fit Program - simply make a donation to FeedAFamily, where 100% of your donation goes towards the feeding of our Nation's hungry families, and you will unlock unlimited workouts, packed with more exercises to keep you at your fittest.  

After you register here - take a moment and visit FeedAFamily to see for yourself the goodness you'll be providing with each workout. 

Sincerely, ~MC

Staying Fit Never Felt So Good

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